Michele Mather

Business Coach, Career Coach, Leadership Development Coach


As an advertising/marketing executive I used inquiry, intuition and my gift of connecting dots to discover who an organization really is, who they want to connect with and why, to identify and remove barriers and chart the course to achieve their vision. I now do this work with individuals and small business teams. Clients gain clarity, momentum and liberate what’s within. CPC, ACC, ELI-MP, BAs in Psychology and Communications

How I can help

I support clients seeking clarity and permission and to explore and choose a fulfilling career, or fulfillment within their current career. Clients liberate what's within and gain momentum on their desired journey. I work with clients to hone leadership skills to excel and thrive in their organization and personal lives. I partner with small business owners and operators to discern what's needed for their business to succeed and chart the course.


I was wanting to live more congruently, with a desire to work within my strengths and have a sense of fulfillment in my life. Reading dozens of books on career, vocation and life, I was ready for a sounding-board and Michele has been that and more. Working with Michele for the past 6 months, in addition to a positive career move, I have a clearer vision of what I want for my life and new tools to break old patterns I no longer want. Michele's intuitive nature, business acumen and a teacher's heart make her an amazing coach on my journey.

- Stephanie A.

I began meeting with Michele to get support and perspective for my deliberate transition from employment to a sabbatical year. Through her guidance and support, I found grounding in my core values, which freed me to explore, play, and be curious about this new season. I've appreciated her flexible coaching style because I'm still in a transitional space - I'm able to be process-oriented or goal-oriented in our sessions. This versatility has been profound for my decision-making process for future career options. Our meetings cultivate a place for reflection and strategic exploration. I highly recommend her coaching expertise!

- Tom S