Marilyn Munoz del Valle

Transition Coach, Life Coach, Grief Coach


  In Mexico, I did my studies in Actuarial Sciences and also in Gestalt Therapy. Later, I became a Learning Love Teacher and also a Transition Coach. So, why do I want to work with people that have experienced losses? For some years now I have been surviving significant losses, they have turned my world upside down, since then, I have become more and more aware of how lonely sometimes this new road is and how important is to start finding a new purpose in my life. I work mainly with people who have experienced different kinds of losses, not only the loss of loved ones but also the loss that someone may feel when they leave a relationship or work or country or when they simply have that feeling of being lost and not knowing which path to take; my challenge is to support, listen and empower their different processes, to take charge of their lives, to see clearly what they want, to begin to imagine a life full of new possibilities and embrace change.

How I can help

I want people to feel secure during their journey, knowing that it is not about moving on and getting over it but of recognizing that, despite our loss, we have the right and perhaps the responsibility to live the best we can to move forward. We did not choose this journey, but we can choose the way we want to experience it.

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