Lisa Kaplin

Life Coach, Leadership Development Coach, Relationship Coach


Lisa is a psychologist, professional speaker and life coach.  She helps women get clear and confident about their goals and desires in order to achieve their personal and professional dreams. Lisa is the author of Smart Women Inspired Lives: How to be happy and confident.

How I can help

I help women find confidence and motivation to step through their fears, take action, and achieve their goals in their personal and professional lives. Women who work with me find happiness, confidence, and the ability to manage any situation that comes their way.

Who I work with



“I found myself overwhelmed by life’s moments which I felt I had little control over. Lisa gave me the strength to recognize there were many ways to cope with my stress. In doing so, I managed to use specific tools to help me make changes in my life that have now opened up a lifetime of happiness, stress free living, and enjoyment.” ~

- Amy L.

"I honestly had no idea how much I needed Lisa’s expertise. I will carry the learnings throughout the rest of my life and feel that I have become so much stronger, more confident, and much better equipped to get the things in life that will make me happy. ”

- Sharyl