Nicole Blancher

Life Coach, Relationship Coach, Enjoyment Coach


I believe that if you don't have an amazing relationship with yourself first no other relationships in your life can flourish. I've been that person at the very bottom of the pit wallowing in self-pity, self-hatred, and depression but managed to pull myself up and out and was able to see the light that has brought me to this point in my life. I turned my life around and created my own personal blissful existence by finding out who I am and my purpose within this life.

How I can help

I help my clients create long lasting relationships with themselves and others. Everyone wants to be loved but one of the hardest notions to comprehend is that the only love you really need comes from inside each individual. I also help couples communicate better with one another in order to meet each others needs and wants; I help every person obtain the life they have always dreamed of while being authentic and loyal to who they are which leads to that blissful existence.

Who I work with

Couples who are having relationship issues that need to be worked out and women who have self-love issues and need to find who they are and their own purpose in order to live their own blissful existence.


I had the pleasure of being a client of Nicole’s through our coaching training program and I couldn’t have been blessed with a better coach! For 12 weeks, Nicole worked with me from a strong foundation of being present, on time, focused, professional, positive, and connected. The training we receive in our textbooks is just a guideline or a starting poitn, but Nicole spent so much time learning the content, she was able to transcend an indescribable ability to disseminate my words, thoughts, an

- Lexi Mitchell

I reached out to Nicole when I was going through a rocky, on and off (4 years) again relationship. I had been moved out of the house we were living in for 4 months. I was having terrible anxiety at work and just in general. I thought I was going crazy and I was unhappy and I didn't have any hope it was going to get any better. I started seeing an old fling of mine and that's when I really started feeling shitty about myself my choices I was making in life. I hated when he would stay the night.

- Trisha Smith

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