Lisa Musumeci

Grief Coach, Health Coach, Life Coach


I am a Life coach who focuses on grief, health, and life circumstances.  I am an Energy Leadership Coach as well. Having a life long passion to help people, transitioning from working as a RN to life coach allows me to help clients live the life they desire. With compassion and empathy, I work with each client on their specific concerns. Each person deserves to live an optimal life and fulfill their life purpose.  Understanding your 'self' and loving your 'self' are keys to moving forward.  I partner with clients to process grief or any loss.  I believe moving forward starts with self care and a safe place to express your loss. Together we will create strategies and plans which will help you live a fulfilling life. Through our work together, you will become renewed in mind, body, and spirit.  I am committed to partner with you and hope that you commit to dedicate yourself to working with me to release your grief, loss, or change through awakening your spirit.

How I can help

People experience a greater self awareness, productivity, and healing when working with me. They become self reliant and are better able to cope through any challenges because they now have effective strategies and individualized plans to more forward.

Who I work with

I support people during challenging times of grief and change.


"Lisa coached me after I experienced my third significant death of a loved-one over a period of 18 months. I was in emotional overwhelm and felt so very alone. Lisa worked with me to explore each loss separately so that the grief was more manageable. By talking with Lisa and having her compassionate ear, I was able to feel connected, express my feelings, and create an action plan to help with forward momentum. Through her talented and compassionate coaching, I felt supported and moved out of my overwhelm back into a good place of sustainable self-reliance."

- Alice, Executive Consultant, Massachusetts

"Lisa was compassionate and caring and brought positive energy to the coaching relationship right off the bat. In a supportive and nonjudgmental way, she challenged my perspectives so that I could see the bigger picture of the situation I had created. Once she had helped me clear away the interpretations and fear that were at the root of my issues, she helped me to clarify my goals, identify a set a steps to start moving forward, provided accountability for implementing my plan, and was there to celebrate my success!"

- Laurel, Ph.D., Groton, CT

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