Lisa Marie Nelson

Life Coach, Business Coach, Transition Coach


You have goals, things you want to accomplish, a way you want to show up in the world. You just can’t see how to get from “point A” to “point B”. Magic pills or lottery algorithms or “top 10 how-to-tips” aren’t the answer for you. Let’s be real: we’re all smart enough to figure out how-to’s and tips. If that worked, we wouldn’t be having this conversation, am I right? One day, a small, quiet voice in your head - your inner warrior - finally got your attention. You googled, bought books, listened to podcasts. You knew this voice was asking for transformation - a big change - in how you live your life. You may (understandably) feel scared, uncertain, unprepared, and vulnerable of that transformation. You may be wishing you could cultivate the essential elements of the warrior ethos:

  • Self-mastery, self-awareness, self-discipline, self-confidence
  • Courage in the face or fear or uncertainty
  • Ability to not just survive in spite of adversity but thrive because of it
  • Put your energy and time towards something you truly believe
  • Finding your ‘tribe”
You’re in the right place. My calling is to help everyone I meet unleash their inner warrior.

How I can help

Transform your mindset and uncover blocks with powerful coaching sessions. We’ll cut through your limiting beliefs, break through assumptions, and emerge stronger for the battle. I’ll tell you like it is. I’ll be your foxhole buddy. I’ll love and laugh with you. I’ll challenge you. We’ll walk together through adversity and transform how you live & view your life!

Who I work with

Anyone seeking transformational change in their lives!

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San Francisco Bay Area, California, US

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