Lindsey Warren

Life Coach, Relationship Coach, Leadership Development Coach


I'm Lindsey Warren, a Core Energy Coach, for open-hearted, intuitive women. I work with these women to make long term changes and create a life they love-a life of fulfillment and achievement. My clients have big dreams but don't always feel like they deserve to reach them, so we build their confidence by aligning their lives and goals with their values. I love connecting with these women- I feel excited just to get to work with them!

How I can help

Lindsey Warren Coaching, a Core Energy Coaching business, is the result of seeing others feel stuck in lives that are good enough but not passionate. In the name of long lasting and well-deserved change, Lindsey brings a life of fulfillment and achievement to open-hearted, intuitive women. In a world where overwhelming expectations aren't in vogue anymore: creating a life based on your values is.

Who I work with

open-hearted, intuitive women who feel stuck in lives that are only "good enough"


While I've achieved many results like creating my own business, it's the internal results that have blown my mind. I'm stronger, more confident, and so much more aware of my own power.

- Jen

I've lost a lot of fear around a major decision. Seeing opportunities instead of fear of the unknown has raised my energy level. I'm happier and more effective in my personal life and career.

- Claudia

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Atlanta, Georgia, US

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