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Leadership Development Coach, Life Coach, Family Coach


LEANNE PARSONS is The Walk Your Talk Coach. As a Certified Professional Coach, TBRI Practitioner, C.ORE Well Being Specialist, Speaker, Author, Rotarian, Radio Host, and founder of Legacy Now Lived. LeAnne offers a transparent voice that offers struggling individuals and families assistance without judgment, empathy with hope and a voice that says, “Healthy connections are possible.” As the founder and creator of “The Tapestry of Adoption” and the Conscious Adoption Approach, LeAnne's expertise and passion centers around empowering the adoption community as they connect to and embrace their stories, navigate their core relationships, and connect authentically with those they love. Her work provides insight and encouragement to the world, challenging others to walk into their stories with confidence and validation instead of running from them in despair and distrust.  

How I can help

As a Life and Leadership Empowerment coach I work with a wide range of clients offering a straight-forward and supportive approach to acquire the tools you need to achieve your goals. Through this Legacy Process* I desire to help my clients unlock their authentic selves, and reveal the person they were created to be, discover what is holding them hostage, and release the chains that bind them so that they are free to enjoy the relationships and connection that they have only dreamed about! Now that is Freedom. Discover today what is holding you back from Walking your Talk, and Living the Legacy you desire to leave for tomorrow. We don't just leave a legacy, we live it every day. Are you living yours on purpose with passion and focus? If not, why not, what is standing in your way? Let us figure it out together! It is time to Ignite Your Sense of Purpose, Embrace a Life of Wholeness, Authenticity, and Confidence, Experience True Freedom and Joy! Then Congratulations, you have just walked into an amazing journey, and opportunity!

Who I work with

Those who are ready to walk in integrity to yourself and with others!


“Today, many call themselves coaches. However, in my estimation, there’s one coach that stands out amongst them all. LeAnne Parsons gives a rare gift to anyone privileged to be in her presence—the gift of listening. This gift edifies, encourages, and empowers. You can’t listen well until you ‘ve been heard. It’s obvious that LeAnne has been heard by the God she loves and serves. I am thankful she is willing to pass this gift on to others, including me”.

- Sherrie Eldridge, Author

Having just made some major shifts in my life I knew I needed to get clear on what my new direction would look like, who would be part of the journey with me, and what I wanted for myself and the people in my life as a result. I knew I couldn’t answer all of these questions on my own, so I turned to my good friend and coach LeAnne Parsons to help. LeAnne’s ability to ask powerful and insightful questions in a thought provoking and nonjudgmental way challenged me to get honest with myself about why I am on this path, and what fears I had been holding on to that were causing the conflict and uncertainty. Through the three months I worked with LeAnne I discovered many strengths I didn’t realize I had, and developed a trust in myself to utilize them. Thanks to LeAnne, I am walking into my next chapter confidently, boldly and with curiosity!

- Trish- Small business owner

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