Lana Williams

Relationship Coach, Life Coach


Lana is a Life and Relationship Transformation Coach at Look With Me Coaching. If you take 20 professional years dedicated to service: (1. Family Medicine Physician,  2.Onsite Director's Assistant in an internationally known Fertility Center) and combine that with an all too Real-Life Education in abusive, traumatic, unstable relationships; you have the formula that led Lana to become a Certified Professional Coach(CPC) and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner (ELI-MP) through iPEC. Choosing to make the space for herself to look within has taught her, and now her clients, that life is always unfolding perfectly and that we do deserve to fully live a life we love.

How I can help

I will teach you the skills of creating an intimate safe space for yourself where you finally get to see things clearly. You learn what you really want and what's holding you back. You learn you're worthy of love without conditions. Then we have fun watching your life and relationships transform. You realize you're free to live your perfect live now.

Who I work with

Whoever's tired of waiting for amazing relationships and a better life


"I have one word after having been personally coached by Lana:  Miraculous!   She intuitively coaches in such a beautiful, loving, gentle and accessible way...Possessing the unique ability and wisdom to know exactly what you need to hear to see something from a different perspective surrounding your challenges. It's almost magical!!! 

- Teah H

"I began working with Lana to deepen my connection with my husband.  While our relationship was really good, I knew it could be better.  Or more accurately, that I could be better within it.    Through coaching with Lana I have been able to tease out obstacles that were affecting my ability to connect with him.  Both the expectations I hold and my need for validation came to the surface.  With Lana’s help I’ve been able to focus on eliminating expectations and generating my own validation, leading to a more intimate and satisfying partnership.   In our sessions we’ve touched on other relationships in my life as well and how I can break down self-imposed barriers and change the tenor of them, so that I feel lighter, more peaceful, and more fulfilled.   Lana’s greatest gift is her powerful intuition.  She has a way of hearing things I don’t consciously say and seeing things that I don’t see and then drilling straight down into them to help me expose my truth.  She is an irreplaceable asset in my life, and I will continue looking forward to our weekly sessions."

- Ashley K

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