Karen Meadows

Health Coach, Wellness Coach, Life Coach


Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as a teen, I determined that I would stay well and do what I most loved. As a young woman, I moved to a small Western town and reported for the daily newspaper. I learned to hike and camp. I attended Colorado Outward Bound’s first wilderness course for females and became one of their mountaineering instructors. Over the years, I educated and counseled and promoted people and organizations. I wrote articles about places I loved to visit, traveling with diabetes, and celiac disease. I slept under the stars when I could, and completed master’s degrees in teaching and health education. I balanced all this with type 1 diabetes. My personal and professional experiences coalesced, and I became a diabetes educator and then a professional coach. I continue to evolve.

How I can help

I help my clients find ways to thrive despite conditions that seem daunting. My coaching helps people know themselves, build confidence and nourish their creativity. I have particular expertise in diabetes. And the way people with diabetes succeed is good for all of us. Our bodies and minds need excellent nutrition, regular physical activity and effective responses to stress. I will help you see clearly and take steps to live a more fulfilling life.

Who I work with

Ordinary imperfect curious eager self-reliant ready-or-not vulnerable idealistic people who want more. And those who have diabetes, or who love someone with diabetes.

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Santa Fe, New Mexico, US

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