Karen McMahon

Relationship Coach, Family Coach, Parenting Coach


Karen McMahon is a Relationship & Divorce Coach and Founder of JourneyBeyondDivorce.com. Karen leads a team of coaches to work with men and women facing relationship challenges or struggling with divorce.  Her passion is to help navigate their difficulties while focusing on personal growth and embracing the opportunities inherent in their changing circumstances.

How I can help

Getting your head above the emotional waters of divorce so that you can be calm, clear and confident in order to engage efficiently and effectively in decisions and negotiations that will lead to an outcome you desire.

Who I work with

Men and women in the before, during and after stages of divorce


It has been an unbelievable experience coaching with you. You have helped me help myself. I don’t feel pain anymore. I am changing my whole life and there is no way I could have handled it or managed it without the tools, wisdom and experience you provided. I did as well as I did managing my children and getting through with a positive outlook. No bitterness! Honestly, it was like trying to fly a plane without a manual. Now I hope I can be that manual for my children. The coaching has been the foundation. It was by far the most difficult time of my life. I am proud of how I managed it and excited about my future!”

- Gina - NYC

Divorce is no doubt the most difficult experience I had to deal with in my life. Lucky for me, I found Karen to help me navigate through the personal and legal process. Through her support and caring, she helped me realize that there is a good life, if not better after divorce. There is no doubt that I could not have made it through without Karen. She helped me rebuild my life and confidence which ultimately made me realize that I am the person I was before divorce. I could not appreciate her more.

- Kevin - Chicago

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