Karen Anderson

Wellness Coach, Health Coach, Life Coach


Karen brings experience from a uniquely diverse professional background in nursing, healthcare sales & marketing, the real estate business and yoga, to her coaching. Karen's insatiable curiosity and quest for knowledge has earned her two College Diplomas, a Bachelors Degree in Interpersonal Communication, a Certificate in Professional Coaching, as well as, a two Real Estate licenses and  Yoga Teacher Certification. Karen's obvious passion for people, life long learning and particular combination of experiences and training lend themselves to a unique and powerful coaching experience.

How I can help

Be inspired to live your life in balance with passion and purpose. You will be relieved of stress, rediscover what excites you and become the best version of your most beautiful self.

Who I work with

Accomplished Women Seeking Life Balance


Karen is an amazing life coach and I would highly recommend her services! I’m a recently retired Office Manager, a wife, mother of 3, grandmother of 10. Both my aging mother and my husband have had some health issues over the last 10 years so, I’ve also been a caregiver. I experienced tragedy and heartache as a young adult and didn’t realize how the hard knocks of my past were affecting my present…I just knew I was tired all the time and feeling sad, old, overweight, and used up. Karen has coached me to find positive ways to relieve the stress in my life and concentrate on finding ways to make each day something to look forward to instead of something to just get through. I’ve lost over 20 pounds in 4 months and I’ve started some new hobbies which are very therapeutic. I’ve learned that it’s ok to say, “No”. Now, I limit my weekly activities and obligations so I don’t become overwhelmed. I look after my own well-being in order to be my best for my family and friends. I have overcome old negative habits that were dragging me down and discovered new and exciting ways to move forward into my future. Now, I’m loving the journey and anxious to see where the road will take me. Karen has helped me find a whole new lease on life!

- Gini

I have been a stay at home Mom for the past 5 years with three children between the ages of three and seven. And yes, my life is crazy! After completely losing myself in parenting, I became more and more lost. Honestly, at that point in my life I felt completely helpless. I decided I needed to make a change; I needed help. Karen gave me the forward momentum and tools I needed to start working on myself. I rediscovered myself! I began to work on figuring out what I wanted. Figuring out my personal needs and goals in order to become the best version of myself. Karen helped me gain back my power, she helped me gain perspective and direction. I am now working part time, exercising daily, and eating better. I realize now that in order for my kids and husband to get the best of me, I need to be at my personal best.

- Tracy

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