Judith Bassett

Spiritual Coach, Health Coach, Grief Coach


Dr. Judith Bassett is the CEO/ Chief Energy Master, LLC, and provides health coaching, grief coaching, spiritual direction, and other alternative energy practices such as EFT and Reiki to help individuals and families going through chronic illnesses and high stress and anxiety.  Judy's degrees include a doctorate in leadership development, master's degree in healthcare administration, and bachelor's degree in education. She is a Certified Professional Coach, certified Master Practitioner - Energy Leadership Index, Certified Behaviors and Motivators Analyst, a Certified COR.E Leadership & Wellbeing Dynamics Specialist.  Judy is also a Certified Spiritual Guidance Mentor  and Certified EFT Master Practitioner , and a Certified Reiki, and EmoTrance Practitioner. She works extremely well with people having extreme emotional stress.

How I can help

I help them learn to live life as best as possible, move through the fear, and give them tools to help them during their time of stress and uncertainty. I help you, and/or your loved ones learn to use your positive energy to become stress-free, align with your values & strengths during an illness and life changes, and help others become motivated in your care. I have assisted individuals and families through a death. I am not a death doula, but can help the dying and their family through grief.

Who I work with

I work with individuals who have been diagnosed with a life threatening disease or illness, their families and loved ones, who are anxious and fearful of the potential debiitating illness and its impact on their family. I help them to ease their emotional suffering, fear, and stress, and help them to find peace and contentment in their life situation.


"Dr. Bassett is one of the most capable individuals I have ever met. Her passion and drive to assist others is the hallmark of her career. While working with Dr. Bassett I found her to be innovative, intelligent, approachable, open and above all the consumate professional. Her knowledge and skills regarding human services are unsurmountable. I would relish the opportunity to work with Dr. Bassett in any capacity. I would HIGHLY recommend her."

- Gregory Doan

"Having served with Dr. Judith Bassett in two different professional environments, I say with confidence that Judy has served her staff and community in ways words cannot describe. Judy exemplifies the true model of a servant leader. I am thankful to have experienced her leadership, mentoring, and coaching. Any organization Dr. Judith Bassett serves will be blessed by 360 degree leadership development and organizational effectiveness!"

- Kenneth Watts

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