Istari Paidhrin-Wales

Life Coach, Transition Coach, Relationship Coach


I am an intuitive life coach and devoted student of life. My personal experiences, combined with my studies in coaching, psychology, nutrition, and yoga, provide me with a unique and fluid perspective on the relationships we cultivate with ourselves and others. My passion is helping women discover, create, and evolve an inspired internal navigation system that nurtures confidence, fulfillment, and connection on a daily basis.

How I can help

My passion is supporting women through a process of designing and manifesting their most confident, fulfilled, and empowered selves. Together we walk through clear and achievable steps to powerfully reclaim what they want to feel, how they want to show up, and the purpose that inspires them. Through creating an inspired and personalized "owners manual" my clients are able to finally leave behind the weight of living someone else's life.

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"Istari is an amazing coach who is deeply connected to her brilliance. The glowing energy, support and calm demeanor that she brings during a session have allowed me to share my deepest fears and most difficult struggles comfortably. Her questions, guided by her incredible intuition, created an amazing breakthrough with a family relationship that had felt broken for more than 15 years; now that relationship is at a whole new level of understanding, respect, and love."

- C. C.

"Istari is amazing, hands down you need to hire her! I am constantly having those “ah-ha” moments when we talk. She is incredibly intuitive and knows exactly when to ask those questions that just hit you deep. I always feel like I can share the deepest darkest pieces of myself, and no matter what she is supportive and non-judgmental. Each time I’m done talking with Istari I felt rejuvenated and excited to make some serious changes."

- A. H.

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