Life Coach, Wellness Coach, Transition Coach


Gina Costa Goldfarb, CPC, ELI-MP, ACC, CWDS, CTDS. I am a breast cancer survivor, I have been in the shoes of a caregiver, and I have been an avid fundraiser for women’s cancers for the last 16 years honoring the memory of my mother who I lost to ovarian cancer.  I am the founder of New Beginnings Coaching Services, LLC  which helps women diagnosed with breast cancer cope, step by step, with the emotional and physical challenges they experience, so that they can gain confidence and feel in control of their lives once again.

I enjoy 1:1 and group coaching. I love writing and blogging. I have also been been published in several cancer publications, and have become known for coaching in my niche.

I work with a myriad of cancer organizations as we all work toward the common goal of bring well-being to those whose lives have been touched by cancer.

I am a connector and a hugger and I look forward to meeting you!


How I can help

With my life experience, coach training and skills, I can help you come to the realization that every life experience shapes who you are in the present moment. You will come to realize that a cancer diagnosis or any other life challenge does not define you, it is an yet another experience in your life and you will only learn and grow from it as an individual. My journey is not your journey, and I will help set you on your own path to finding the answers and direction that is right for you.

Who I work with

cancer survivors, caregivers, individuals in major life transition


“A friend of mine recommended Gina to me because I was having some personal issues to resolve and I worked with Gina for a few months and really found out some amazing things about myself. Gina has a way of digging deep and getting to the core of the issues. She is an amazing woman and her settled guidance led me to make big changes in my life and I am grateful for her services. If you are looking for change in your life, call Gina!”

- Yvette Dicenta Salva - Central New Jersey

“Through my coaching relationship with Gina, I have learned that it is ok to take care of myself and put myself first during my journey with breast cancer. During my coaching sessions, I was able to understand how to redirect my feelings of fear before my surgery and radiation treatments into more positive and productive thoughts and actions. Through this process, I was able to make the unknown less traumatic, because Gina helped me find the tools within myself to work through my fears and reach each milestone of my journey. Gina was that good friend that held my hand over the phone to give me the comfort and support that I needed. For that, I will be forever grateful.”

- Cheree O. - Central New Jersey