Frank Macri

Business Coach, Relationship Coach, Corporate Coach


Frank Macri, PCC, CPC, ELI-MP, has coached individuals from over 12 countries seeking to take their relationships and careers to the next level. Currently based out of Seattle, Frank is also a recognized speaker in the areas of diversity and inclusion, interpersonal communication and leadership development. Prior to coaching, Frank worked as an English teacher in southern China. He appreciates working with clients from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Who I work with

Entrepreneurs, Non-Native English Speakers, LGBT community


At first, I was feeling disorganized, struggling with self-confidence, and having issues of fidelity in my relationship. As I began working with Frank, I discovered the thoughts which held me back from achieving my full potential. Frank helped me immensely in taking on new opportunities personally and professionally and feeling like I could actually do it – and I deserved it. His nature and approach is one that invites you to share and feel like you’re trusting a good friend with your personal information. As our working relationship grew, so did my insight and ability to share more during our sessions. Frank really helped me build a tool kit for dealing with challenges and learning to be even more resilient. I was able to move forward in our sessions where previously when I worked with other professionals I would often get stuck.

- Erick Nuñez, University and Career Counselor

When I was faced with life-changing decisions I had to make rather fast, I turned to Frank. The process was mind-blowing for me. Besides getting incredible support from Frank, I was able to explore my fears, self-doubts, values, and therefore get an incredible sense of who I truly am. Frank is incredibly intuitive and wise. He challenges you in a humble, supportive and clever way. I felt I was not alone in dealing with my tough decisions. I felt a sense of hope and comfort knowing that we would be able to solve any challenge together.

- Ana Kiklevich, Business Owner

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