Francesca Gangitano

Leadership Development Coach, Wellness Coach, Spiritual Coach


I jump start my clients and organizations into high engagement in health and wellness, leadership, and mastery. Because nothing revolutionary is born of apathy. My clients heal faster, live healthier, and think healthier. This improves their lives, relationships, and performance on all levels. It's about living at the point of amazing at all times. You get to choose that and you get to live that.

How I can help

Anyone who is going through a change or realize they need to make a change for a better life. I begin everything by stating "Your attitude determines your altitude." This can include preparation for an operation (50% decrease in down time) or an improved state of health/being, success in a new career or position, higher performance in all aspects of life, balance and well-being, conscious communication, or more engagement in life.

Who I work with

People that know change must happen - Prepare and Optimize


Francesca has incredible energy, enthusiasm, and compassion - and is the best advocate and catalyst for personal growth. She will meet you where you are and in a few sessions have you speaking (with absolute faith) about multiple possibilities for a challenge that had you stymied in the past. You can feel confident that she knows her stuff and, more importantly, helps she you to KNOW yours. She is a master at eliciting the dialogue to bring about self-knowledge, higher consciousness, and excitement about new ways of thinking and living. She knows how to frame and encourage embracing change, and how to inspire achievement of the best there is. It was a pleasure to work with her, grow with her, and gain the understanding to quickly identify old patterns (negative) and replace them with confidence that I had options and many possibilities (positive) to choose from in any moment.

- N. McCrae

Francesca’s passion and energy fuel the way she works. She truly invested "everything" in our time together. She'll partner and pace with you so you can solve your most challenging needs. The way she approached change with me made me initially comfortable and then truly excited for it. I was able to vibrate with passion and take on things that had previously seemed impossible. Her honesty, compassion, and loyalty made me feel that I had not only a great person to work with but a steadfast champion. If you have the chance to work with Fran – jump!

- C. Maloney