Evala Rahm

Life Coach, Relationship Coach, Spiritual Coach


I have been in addiction recovery for over 30 years and understand the complexities of 12-step programs. I work with people in recovery who are stuck in transition points to be brave, real and free. I have a Master's degree in counseling, am an accredited coach through the International Coach Federation, am certified to facilitate the work of Dr. Brene Brown and am a Master Practitioner of Energy Leadership.

How I can help

I have been in recovery from both addiction and co-dependency for over 30 years. I am well versed in 12-Step program lingo, expectations and rituals. I have gone through emotional bottoms in recovery and did not relapse. No matter what your addiction, I will compassionately help you and your family find tools, implement plans and take action to lead you to a place of acceptance, confidence and connection. We will work as a team to build a trusting non-judgemental relationship. My accessibility goes beyond a weekly call. I have over 200 tools at my fingertips to help you shift your energy in the moment and long term. From parenting and relationship communication issues to addiction relapse and boundary setting- I have been there and can help you go from surviving to thriving.

Who I work with

Individuals and families recovering from addictions