Angela Wetzel

Life Coach, Relationship Coach, Enjoyment Coach


I have reinvented myself several times through various careers and relationships. I am a former US Army Sergeant, Korean linguist, and actor. I experienced my own awakening and healing through discovering my own blindspots and how it was running and ruining my life. I help people rediscover the source of their own true power and happiness.

How I can help

Clients report feeling more connected to themselves, feeling more, being excited about life, having multiple breakthroughs and the gentle and successful reinforcing of new healthy mental and emotional habits.

Who I work with

Those who have done years of self-help and therapy without results; adult children of rage-aholics, people healing from love addiction & codependence


"Absolutely in awe of the magic happening in my life today. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing wisdom and guidance with me yesterday. You're truly gifted and talented, Angela. You're the REAL DEAL! I'm sending lots of love and light your way!"

- Christina C.

"WORLD'S BEST COACH!! In moments like this when I'm starting to feel more and more on a regular basis and I see what's actually unfolding in my life, I don't know how to explain it, but I'm starting to feel connected to life!"

- John T.

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