Elliot Moscow

Transition Coach, Life Coach, Leadership Development Coach


I am passionate about helping people like myself who sense that a life worth living begins from within. ​I realized that to be able to have the life I wanted I had to ask for help and through a combination of coaching, mindfulness, and practicing martial arts, I discovered how to be the architect of my life.  Throughout my career as a professional trainer, communicator, and coach I have been helping others find fulfillment in their life by connecting what they do with who they truly want to be.

How I can help

I partner with you to unpick the thoughts and beliefs that keep you stuck where you are and feeling the way you do about yourself. I offer you the guidance required to build your self-confidence and identify your personal formula and building blocks for finding greater meaning in your life and for taking control of yourself to create more fulfilling experiences in your life.


Elliot is an awesome coach. When I first started working with him, I had difficulties maintaining a healthy work/life balance. I was always pushing myself to perform better and felt exhausted and guilty because I felt it was never enough. Elliot helped me figure out a sustainable way of being that was right for me. I now have more time for relaxing and enjoying myself and at the same time my overall performance has gone up!

- Angela B.

I have known Elliot for many years, during that time I have looked to him whenever I have found the way forward obscured from my view. He has a unique ability to gently place his hand of awareness on my shoulder to steady my inner self. His presence and support remind me that no matter how dark and distorted the days feel, clarity will come.

- Daniel S.

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