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So here I am, Eliot Spiegel, a man who not only can feel the change and abundance of choosing to live at the cause of my life, but who is also coach Eliot Spiegel who can help others reach their own personal goals and greatness by hopefully empowering them to break free of the energy blocks that surround us all.

How I can help

The only promise I can make is that I will not quit on you or your child (if they are my client). What I ask for is a real desire and commitment from all my clients and their sponsors to want to be as great as they can be.

Who I work with

People looking for their happy


“I didn’t realize how beneficial and life transforming a life coach could be until Eliot Spiegel became mine. With a great deal of patience, he listened closely to everything I had to say about my hopes and dreams in my career, and then he pinpointed absolute things for me to do that are the difference between success and failure in job hunting. He helped me to avoid procrastinating. There is definitely room for me to continue growing, but within a month I had received a substantial job offer from a company in the entertainment business.” – Maureen Shames


“Eliot’s email signature ends with, “Choose Happy” and these 2 words are a good summary for how he helps his clients show up in life. I have been working with Eliot for a little over a year and he always helps me see outside my own box and reframe my perspective. Eliot helped me go from stuck and spinning my wheels to shifting into gear and into action. Eliot’s gift is in his ability to help others look in the mirror to help them see how all of their choices and how they choose to live or ‘be’ is what creates their reality. Don’t like what the mirror reveals? Then he helps the client choose another way of being to manifest what it is that they want. There’s no BS here. Eliot shows it like it is and it’s up to the client to ‘Choose Happy’ and really live it or choose to stay stuck and miserable. With Eliot’s help, I choose “Happy”! Thanks, Eliot! Melissa Brown, MD


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