Elaine Fitzgerald Lewis

Career Coach, Leadership Development Coach, Management Coach


My journey to coaching has evolved over the years, driven first and foremost to support systems and providers committed to optimizing maternal and child health and well-being. I have nearly 20 years of experience coaching individuals, teams, and leaders to reach their professional and personal goals.  My professional and academic career has evolved to consistently include capacity building which includes guiding teams to work more effectively as a whole while supporting individuals to achieve the best versions of themselves.

How I can help

My background in public health, quality improvement, behavioral health, leadership, and systems building, integrated with skills in coaching, motivational interviewing, and problem solving provides me with the knowledge and capacity to empower others to identify their strengths, clarify their goals, and take concrete and measureable action steps to manifest their life’s passions and dreams.

Who I work with

Individuals, teams, projects, leadership

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Sherborn, Massachusetts, US

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