Deborah Harper

Transition Coach, Relationship Coach, Spiritual Coach


20+year Corporate Senior Executive- Certified Coach and Consultant-Core Dynamics Transitions Specialist (Life, Health, Career)-Awakened Starseed Ascension Guide- Energy Healer- Reiki Master- Reconnective Healing - Beyond Quantum Healing Practitioner-Points of You Certified Trainer- HeartMath Certified Trainer Divorced Single Parent- Cancer Survivor-

How I can help

I help my clients identify and release the limiting beliefs, projections, programming, separation, judgements and low vibrational, negative thoughts that keep them from seeing and experiencing their own brilliance, and creating a life they Love. I help them to shift their mindset and energy so they can reclaim their power and raise their energetic signature, frequency, and vibration.

Who I work with

Clients going through Life/Health/Career Transitions-People going through "The Awakening" and Expansion of their Consciousness.


"I have been closely working with Deborah for the last 6 months. Her focused coaching style, business mindset, conscious awareness and solution orientation supported my personal and professional development in every aspect. It is a true pleasure to work together with her!" 

- G.Eregger International H.R. Expert/Talent Acquisition

Deborah is a fantastic coach! I've worked with her for 3 Months and she helped me tremendously to improve my way of thinking, to one that is more empowered and positive.he comes at things from a standpoint of empowerment and  positivity which  really shifted my perspective on how I approached many of the challenges I was facing. I feel very fortunate to have worked with Deborah and can highly recommend her to anyone who feels stuck and wants to achieve their highest goals and dreams.


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