Dan Weigold

Career Coach, Health Coach, Leadership Development Coach


I offer coaching in leadership development,agile software development processes and methods, behavioral change and ADHD that is based in solid science, current psychology and advanced process methods. When you know what you want and why you want it, it is achievable. I work with you to understand your strengths, your talents and what you really want and then we develop a plan that enables you to obtain the success you want.

How I can help

If you are stuck in a world of ADHD dysfunction then coaching can help improve in the areas of time management, focus, overcoming procrastination, motivation, self-esteem, and with behaviors that seem to sabotage your results.

Who I work with

Adults with ADHD , people in a career transition, new leaders


Dan’s compassionate heart creates such a safe space for the exploration and personal growth that comes through the coaching process. I truly marvel at how coaching is catalyzing new possibilities and successes in my life -- and Dan has supported me all the way. As a coach, he helps me stay focused and moving forward. Not only do I benefit from Dan’s skilled coaching; I also find his writing eloquent and insightful.

- Stephanie Frykholm

"Dan has absolutely mastered the art of understanding! He really listens to you and gently guides with thought-provoking questions that unveil your inner truth. Then he tirelessly holds you accountable to your goals, prodding you to take bold action that will forever change you and your life. His amazing way of perspective shifting is a blessing and inspirational. I really never (ever, ever, ever) could have gotten as far in my business as I have without his help and great ideas. He just has a way of connecting the dots, no matter what industry or field you're in! He is magic! Dan never forgets about you and he really cares about seeing you progress and make your dreams, whatever they may be, come true. My heart is full and I am appreciative beyond words. Thank you Dan! :)"

- Mi-Ri, Chef, LA