Donna Lynn Dyer

Spiritual Coach, Life Coach, Wellness Coach


Donna Lynn is a certified core energy coach, teacher, consultant, and writer with a passion for how energy works in our lives. She partners with people who are ready to grow into what’s next for them as they tap into higher consciousness, explore subtle energy and engage in the process of bringing new awareness into the nitty gritty of their lives. For more information, visit

How I can help

I work with people who are seeking more connection and meaning in their lives. They have careers, families and responsibilities yet maintain that burning desire for growth and transformation that goes beyond occasional "peak" experiences, that are followed by the return of "real life."

Many people on this path can feel overwhelmed at times, so I've created a FREE Energetic Self-Care Guide - an analysis and toolkit to help you take your self care to the next level. It is a constantly evolving journey.


Who I work with

Conscious leaders, entrepreneurs, spiritual seekers


Before meeting Donna, I had no idea I needed an energy coach. I thought that my lack of energy and constant tiredness were the results of my many hours spent working. Then I met Donna. And she helped me find out and understand so many things about me that I have never taken into consideration before. Working with Donna changed me on so many levels…completely shifted my perspective, changed my emotional response to things that bothered me before, taught me to enjoy every single minute and fill it with positive energy. Now, I look back and wonder how my life would be today if I haven’t met Donna and this help me see what a Godsend gift she is for me!

- Eliza Piticari

Donna’s sophisticated coaching offers a powerful combination of emotional, intellectual and energetic tools. I wanted to work with Donna because of her varied experiences with personal growth and healing as a lightworker, corporate senior manager and intellectual student of Integral theory. She has a warm and caring personality. Also I respect that she is rigorous and committed to excellence, seeking to help her clients grow and express the best in themselves. It is very convenient to talk with her from anywhere via online video chat. I initiated coaching with Donna to prepare for a significant life transition: Starting a new job. First I took an online assessment, which produced a written Energy Leadership Report. Donna interpreted the report for my situation, and compassionately provided valuable insights about how I have been getting stuck. She suggested new perspectives and ways to make different choices that will serve me better. In Donna’s style of coaching, she does a great job of balancing being a sensitive listener with adding valuable fresh point of view. She provides targeted feedback on the energy of how the client is moving through life. Some coaches prefer to avoid giving any advice… while I am all for growing my skills, unfortunately that approach makes me feel that the coach is not really contributing to the dialogue. Donna helped me clarify my vision for the next chapter of my life. She held space and listened carefully to both my excitement and concerns about this big transition. Our work together strengthened my foundation to help set me up for success.

- Lisa Levitt

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