Donna Dyer

Spiritual Coach, Life Coach, Wellness Coach


Donna Dyer founded Lightworker Essentials as a resource to help lightworkers fully embrace their purpose to expand to hold more light and radiate that light into their lives. Over the last 25 years, she has worked as a coach and consultant in various leadership capacities and brings it all together with a passion for how energy works in our lives. As a certified Core Energy Coach, Master Energy Leadership Index Practitioner, COR.E Wellbeing and Leadership Specialist, Reiki Master and Light Body Teacher, she partners with people who are ready to grow into what is next for them as they tap into higher consciousness, explore subtle energy and engage in the process of bringing new awareness into the nitty gritty of their lives. If you're a lightworker and want to find out more, check out her free guide for <a href="">Staying Radiant in Challenging Times</a>

How I can help

As a light body teacher and personal energy coach, I support people who are being called to something bigger and to embrace that calling head on. My programs assist lightworkers in all phases of their journey, from beginning and exploring to developing advanced subtle energy skills and integrating the new light into their personalities. Check out my free guide designed to assist lightworkers in Staying Radiant in Challenging Times

Who I work with

I work with lightworkers, sensitives, empaths and people who want to use subtle energy in their lives.


"I have been exploring different aspects of being a lightworker for a long time, it is my calling. In the past, if felt like I had two lives; my lightworker explorations and my “real life.” Lightworker Essentials helped me pull it all together so that I can confidently live my one life - as a lightworker. I am excited about the ongoing unfolding of my path and am excited to be embracing it with all of my being!"

- Angelina Wayland

"I have been a light body worker for many years and was very used to shifting my energy to change a situation, but since I retired, I was feeling stuck. Though my life was working, I had a very low level of energy. Donna’s insights and positive encouragement revitalized me. She is clear and practical, and we were able to discuss how to bring the higher energies I work with into my everyday physical life. I love her personalized and loving approach."

- Candi Hart

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