Devon Grilly

Transition Coach, Career Coach, Leadership Development Coach


I am a seeker: MS Bioengineering, 10+ years of experience as a chemistry teacher, and now a professional coach. I am passionate about helping women in STEM fields claim their careers with the excitement and passion of a true pioneer. I want myself and my clients to wakeup each day feeling excited about what's next and go to sleep each night feeling fulfilled.

How I can help

I can help you find a career that is fulfilling and empowers you to be your most authentic self. You can expect to get clarity on their purpose and motivations, develop your communication skills to be in alignment with your authentic voice, and chart a career path that is uniquely yours. Love your work without burning out.

Who I work with

Pioneering women who are READY to chart their own career path.


I came to Devon like a spinning compass, my life was taking me in so many directions it caused so much anxiety not knowing which way to go first but just knowing I needed to go somewhere and do something impactful with my Life. I highly recommend working with Devon because it was extremely fun and transformative for my life; her Coaching methods and her unique leadership style are for everyone that just needs some support to be put in the right direction.

- Kimberly King

There is not enough room here to write how awesome I think Devon is! She takes kindness & understanding to a new level. Devon helped me work through some pretty rough stuff & also gave me the tools to continue on my own. Very accomodating with my crazy schedule as well. Would I seek her help in the future? Yes! Would I recommend? YES!!

- Christine Beshara

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Hopedale, Massachusetts, US

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