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Denise Csaky is a certified professional coach, business strategist, corporate dropout, and former workaholic who, while owning and running a small spa business, got SO burnt out.

Realizing that there must be another way, she left the business she helped build, sold her house in Philadelphia and moved to San Diego. After diving head first into personal development and rediscovering what brought her joy, she reconnected to her purpose and made it a reality. Today, she helps women create + execute their corporate exit strategy and FINALLY do work they love, through her signature Exit Strategy Method coaching program.

How I can help

If you want to feel creative, use the skills that come so naturally to you and share them with others, feel like you’re making a difference, able to pay your bills AND have fun. Then you're in luck. My signature three-step Exit Strategy Method helps you design your business idea, plan your transition and execute your corporate exit strategy. It's the same process I used for myself and my clients to create a life that matches their definitions of happiness and success.

Who I work with

Ambitious women who are ready to leave their corporate jobs and start a business around their gifts, talents and purpose


On a 5 star ranking system, Denise should get 10 stars! I have worked with Denise once a week for the past three months and have felt an amazing shift in my awareness and a deeper understanding of myself. She continues to help strengthen and enable me in all aspects of my life: career, personal, and spiritual. Denise is caring, compassionate and thoroughly interested in helping her clients unearth a deeper, wonderful connection with themselves. I highly recommend Denise for everyone wanting to live a life filled with joy, understanding and balance. The many "aha!" moments I have in every session along with the unwavering clarity she helps me find, is something I can never thank her enough for.

- Kara H., Portland, OR

Every time I talk through an interesting challenge with her, Denise helps me untangle underlying fear, long held misconceptions about myself and makes taking care of me feel right and true. I am especially fond of the outcomes of our talks where I have practical applications of simple thought changes to live a happier life. These have made a huge difference in my self-confidence and personal contentment. Denise will always be my first choice for coaching me to great things!

- Rachel P., Seattle, WA

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