Denise Csaky

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After years of fruitlessly doing the things she thought she "should" in order to feel happy and fulfilled, Denise left her career as a spa industry business owner, sold her house and moved across the country. She now lives by the ocean, has a business she loves and has created a life which feels completely authentic and on-purpose. If the life you dream of feels out of your reach, coaching with Denise will empower you to release your trapped desires and create what YOU want, with clarity, confidence and a new-found enthusiasm. Learn more about Denise and The Firefly Moment at

How I can help

Let's unravel what it is that YOU truly want, and make it happen. Let's transform the fears and beliefs that are keeping you stuck. Your new-found clarity, confidence and enthusiasm will empower you to make unapologetically authentic choices. The result? Turning your dream life into your real life. Are you ready?

Who I work with

Ambitious women who've lost their spark, but KNOW that there's more out there for them—and are ready to make it happen!


On a 5 star ranking system, Denise should get 10 stars! I have worked with Denise once a week for the past three months and have felt an amazing shift in my awareness and a deeper understanding of myself. She continues to help strengthen and enable me in all aspects of my life: career, personal, and spiritual. Denise is caring, compassionate and thoroughly interested in helping her clients unearth a deeper, wonderful connection with themselves. I highly recommend Denise for everyone wanting to live a life filled with joy, understanding and balance. The many "aha!" moments I have in every session along with the unwavering clarity she helps me find, is something I can never thank her enough for.

- Kara H., Portland, OR

Every time I talk through an interesting challenge with her, Denise helps me untangle underlying fear, long held misconceptions about myself and makes taking care of me feel right and true. I am especially fond of the outcomes of our talks where I have practical applications of simple thought changes to live a happier life. These have made a huge difference in my self-confidence and personal contentment. Denise will always be my first choice for coaching me to great things!

- Rachel P., Seattle, WA

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