Coach Shaquan

Relationship Coach, Life Coach


Known for her witty wisdom and down-to-Earth approach, Coach Shaquan is an advocate for healthy relationships, and believes we each have a secret sauce to create the relationships we desire. She is the owner of PRT Coaching Services, a life and relationship expert firm focused on self-awareness strategies to help you better connect in your intimate, personal or professional relationships. Coach Shaquan is a thought-leader who offers professional speaking, training and certified coaching to organizations, groups and individuals. In addition to being a CPC and ELI-MP, she holds a B.S. in Consumer Affairs and can be easily bribed with Skittles.

How I can help

I teach clients how to check your BS; which stands for belief system, or whatever has you stuck in a pattern of thinking that keeps you from getting what you want in your life and relationships. Using unique mindset strategies, I challenge you to check what you believe to be Truth about yourself and others to help you get to the core of why you are stuck, and get clear on what you really want. As a result of working with me, you will become more self-aware and learn how to create a secret cause to attract, influence and maintain the relationships you want.

Who I work with



My husband and I partnered with Coach Shaquan to work through some issues in our marriage. We had done pre-martial counseling in the past, as well as individual counseling, but we still felt stuck. The experience with Coach Shaquan was the first one where we both felt heard and understood by the person helping us. She was open, honest, fair, and she didn’t mind calling us out on our stuff…which we needed! When our coaching experience was completed we both had learned more about one another and ourselves than we had before; we also had a more clear perspective on what we could do, individually, to take our marriage to the happy place we so badly want it to be in. I recommend Coach Shaquan to couples all of the time and I will continue to do so. She has a gift and we were blessed to be one of the lucky couples to experience that gift first-hand.

- Team Starks

Coach Shaquan is a great listener. She helped me understand what roadblocks I was building in my life that were getting in the way of reaching my goals. I learned how to stop over-thinking and over-planning and finally move into action. Before working with Coach Shaquan I was frustrated and stressed out and now I feel focused and energized.

- L. Kirk