Christine Newbold

Career Coach, Transition Coach, Life Coach


I firmly believe that everyone has the potential to lead happier, more successful lives. Let's spend time together to uncover and push beyond the obstacles and patterns that are sabotaging your career and personal success.

How I can help

My coaching approach is grounded in the notion that as individuals we genuinely seek happiness and fulfillment in all areas of our lives and as such I combine compassion and pragmatism to support my clients in achieving their life goals and objectives.

Who I work with

Career Professionals


Christine has an inherent capacity to listen for what is needed and draw out concerns and ideas in a way that offers discovery and inspiration. Through her curiosity and listening between the lines, she was able to help me figure out what was keeping me from getting what I wanted, and I was able to map out an action plan. Through her helping me stay accountable, I achieved my goal. As a natural coach and facilitator, she is patient, listens, and observes, and through her questions is able help y

- Bryan N.

Christine is a great accountability partner always holding my best interest in mind and calling me out when I needed a gentle push in the direction of my desires and overcoming past limiting beliefs that I found were creating inner blocks in moving toward my career goals. She encouraged me to take control and she will ensure you always put forward your best self as you seek your ideal opportunity!

- Ivan Q.

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