Claudia Rossi

Career Coach, Transition Coach, Life Coach


Founder of Revolution You Coaching, with more than 30 years experience successfully transitioning from one career to the next. I partner with my clients who feel stuck in their careers and want clarity, confidence and insight to forge a new path.

How I can help

I work with women who are unhappy in their careers and yearn for something more, but don't know what it is. I partner with them for a deep dive into their passions, purpose, interests, values and skills, as well as a look at the limiting beliefs that may be holding them back. We then work to identify their next step forward and develop a plan to get them there.

Who I work with

Women who feel stuck in their careers


Claudia helped me bring more positive energy into in my life. When I was feeling stuck in my job, my relationships, or my health, she helped me uncover and address the real fear under the surface. She supported me while I worked through the decision to leave my old job and take my business full time.

- Lindsey

Working with Claudia has been so empowering, uplifting, and a real blessing. Each week I was given the space to bring forth any issues, concerns, and even victories I felt aligned to share. To have a coach guide me without judgement is powerful and truly what kept me moving forward with a positive outlook. I’m grateful to have had the privilege of working with Claudia and whole-heartedly believe that she played a vital role in my success today!

- Jess

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