Clair Wallace

Corporate Coach, Career Coach, Life Coach


Clair Wallace is a certified leadership coach who specializes in mindfulness and creativity. She works with high performing individuals to cultivate their unique creative mindset to lead an authentic and inspired life. Clair holds a BFA in Fashion Design and has worked as a corporate, creative designing and leading teams for over 25 years. Clair earned her Coaching Certificate through iPEC and is an ICF Associate Certified Coach.

How I can help

I work with creative teams, and individuals to leverage their full potential, consciously create and lead with compassion. I employ The Core Energy Leadership Framework and the Energy Leadership Index Assessment to provide a unique roadmap for personal growth and transformation.


Clair strikes a chord between hard and soft science, and kindly puts a klieg light on some of my less-than-useful behaviors and let me think I'd stumbled upon them on my own. It's not easy work, and I can't say I always look forward to the sessions, but I see clearly the value of Clair's gentle expertise every day. She's a whip-smart, kind, genuine woman who truly invests in her people.

- -Molly Jay-Chief Digital Officer- Seattle, Washington

Working with Clair has been not only transformative—but refreshingly easy, and highly collaborative. When we started working together, I was in a transitional rut, but within a short amount of time she was able to give me the tools and insight I needed to experience relevant self-discovery and gain some much needed clarity. If you need help navigating the path you’re on, or discovering a new one, I highly recommend working with Clair.

- -Jackie Salway I Creative Director I Figure 8 Creative

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