Christine Walsh

Financial Coach, Business Coach, Life Coach


Christine Walsh has worked in finance and accounting for 20 years and is now solely focused on working with self-aware women and men who are ready to have TRUE financial wealth by having them not only look at the dollar signs on the page, but also to look at the actual relationship they have to those dollar signs. Christine is the creator  of  Money Squared: The 5 Elements of Financial Freedom and The Money Archetype Quiz where she takes women from dysfunction to thriving around their money. She is a CPC (Certified Professional Coach), PCC (Professional Certified Coach), PFP (Certified Profit First Professional) and ELI-MP (Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner). Through loving guidance, support, training, and an expert perspective, Christine empowers women to challenge their fears about money in order to create genuine and lifelong wealth that feels true, vibrant, and inspiring.

How I can help

Create sustainable, fulfilling results with your money. Make more now, make more in the long term, keep more of what you earn.

Who I work with

Self-Aware Women & Men


“In working with you, I experienced encouragement, accountability, and companionship to face my money management, instead of staying frozen by money fears and procrastinations. Total normalization of and empathy for my challenges with money management. Pragmatic advice and help getting a personal and business accounting system and service set up that I could later maintain on my own (and then grew out of within a year because of my successes resulting from working with you!). Confidence that I could baby step my way to being a good steward of money, that I wasn’t doomed. And absolute acknowledgement and kindness for my emotional triggers and blockages regarding numbers and money management, without getting bogged down and stuck in the emotional component. Thank you Christine!”

- Alli Brook

"After working with Christine, I feel refreshed, refocused, and very much like I was in relationship with my money. My old stories about money get in my way of really being in relationship with it. Christine really helped me to be aware of my stories and connect with my own Truth in the relationship. My next steps with my business and personal finances are very clear now.”

- Shannon Boyle

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