Chris Knight

Career Coach, Spiritual Coach, Wellness Coach


I am a nonprofit professional with a deep spiritual practice and a relentless commitment to investing in those around me.  I am primarily guided by what I learn through my connection to others and my interconnectedness with my universe.

How I can help

I come to coaching with a passion for working with others to help them discover who they are, their mission in life, and their path to achieving that mission. I have done this professionally as a manager and leader of a team of professionals, as an advisor to young adults, and as a formal and informal mentor to peers and colleagues. My degrees in Sociology and Gender & Women’s Studies have taught me that truth is relative. This informs my approach of active listening and curious inquiry. I believe that we have the power to create our world. I also believe that my clients are the experts and have their own answers. My job is to ask the right questions and create the format for discovery. My experience as a facilitator allows me to listen on multiple levels and maintain a dual focus on my client’s end goal and their present moment. My continuing training with the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching serves as the foundation for my methodology and approach.

Who I work with

Non-Profit Professionals, Service Providers, Seekers

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San Francisco, California, US

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