Cheryl Fry

Life Coach, Wellness Coach, Transition Coach


I am passionate about working with expatriate spouses/migrants who have moved to another country for their spouses career, often giving their own career up in the process. I partner these fascinating women on their personal journeys of discovery to find their new sense of self, to find a purpose, and to live with joy and passion. I know that coaching can be life changing to these women, because working with a coach transformed my own expatriate experience when I really needed it. I have lived in 6 countries, both as a child of expats and as an expatriate spouse - the expat community is my tribe and I love working with them.

How I can help

As both a TCK and Expat Spouse myself, I understand the challenges this life can bring. I also know how beneficial coaching can be as it truly changed my Expatriate experience. I have lived in Japan, Hong Kong, Brazil, USA and U.K. I am an Australian who has recently repatriated to Sydney, but I work with clients all over the world.

Who I work with

Expatriate Spouses


My dear Cheryl. You came into my life when I knew I needed a change, but didn't know what, how and where to start. You have turned my life around. With your simple strategies you have taught me to make my own choices, choices I didn't see that I had. One step at a time back to loving myself. And I still follow your plan - setting a goal and moving toward it. Also, I loved the science behind coaching. Thank you for being with me on my life journey. I'm honored to call you my life coach.

- Mila, NY, USA

Cheryl is a great coach, every session with her was an eye opening one. I achieved all the goals I was looking for out of those sessions. I have recommended her to many people. She has her special way of encouraging and empowering her clients.

- Areej, Jordan

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