Chatone Morrison

Life Coach, Personal Coach, Family Coach


I hold 2 coaching certifications and continually uplevel my education through workshops and seminars.  I lead a private Facebook community, a Coaching Mastermind group, have a published blog and well over 100 videos on positive energy elevation on YouTube.  Additionally, I provide support to the internet community through livestream on Periscope and Facebook Live.

How I can help

Affectionately known as the "Princess of Positivity, I am a high creative, heart-led, right-brained, coach, leader and excellence enthusiast, demonstrating mastery in the art of discovering and developing hidden talent, inner strengths. I support women: wives and moms of all shapes, sizes, colors and backgrounds to "Be the Catalyst". With over 20 years success in learning logistics management and global program coordination, I am skilled at facing problems head on and working at them until they are resolved. I am driven by "outside of the box" strategies, methodologies and communications. I have a laser focus on helping my clients to find their "hidden bests" through individual and small group coaching, vision boarding, personal affirmation development and connecting through live-stream. I am absolutely passionate about positive energy, motivation, self-expression and building self-esteem - NO MATTER WHAT!

Who I work with

Professional Women, Work at Home Moms, Middle Mgrs, MLM, Alpha Wives


Chatone is an immensely and uniquely talented coach! She has the ability to see beyond the obvious, helping her clients find clarity in even their most challenging circumstances. Extremely bright and highly intuitive, Chatone takes coaching to a completely different level. I can honestly say that it would be difficult to find a more generous, caring, gifted coach. My life has been deeply enriched by my coaching experience with Chatone, and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone wanting to live a richer, happier life. She's a gem!

- Denise Clelan

Chatone is an excellent coach. I was having difficulties handling the stress of my work environment. Chatone not only provided positive encouragement, but also assisted me to develop tools personalized specifically for me. After working with her for just a few months I have been able to more than just deal with my issues, but overcome them. My work environment is the same, but I am a different, less stressed, more positive, and happier woman. I would recommend her to all working women who have challenges to overcome.

- Cherie Arias

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Maryland, US


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