Cory Caprista

Executive Coach, Corporate Coach, Relationship Coach


My training and experience as both business person and coach allow me to offer a unique perspective to my clients and organizations. My clients receive empathy, explanations using their language, real life examples to bring concepts to life, and world class coaching and consulting. In my diverse work with startup founders, executives, individuals, organizations, couples, and young adults I focus on measurable, transformative results. I lead with infectious passion, energy and sense of humor.

  • Cory earned his Bachelor of Sciences in Commerce with a focus in Marketing and Technology from Santa Clara University.
  • Cory is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC). He is a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and the Institute of Professional Coaching Association (ICPA).
  • Cory is a trained Somatica® Method Practitioner, a relational and experiential body-based therapy focused on relationships and intimacy.
  • Cory created a card game (Know Your Humans!) focused on human connection through play, is an avid meditator, a fitness and nutrition enthusiast, and volunteers as a counselor at a summer camp for kids with cancer and their siblings in the Wilderness and Outdoor Leadership Program (WOLP).

How I can help

Corporate & Executive: In the business world coaching is no longer seen as remedial work, but instead used to improve performance, similar to how elite athletes use a coach. We will follow a pragmatic approach, focused on real world scenarios to achieve measurable, transformative results. Relationships & Intimacy: Coaching Men, Women, and Couples to better love and relationships based on up-to-date neuroscience about how people learn -- creating profound transformation much more quickly than traditional purely talk-based approaches.

Who I work with

Executives, Managers, Individual Contributors, Couples, Young Adults


I feel very fortunate to have met Cory because navigating a career in tech is tough! Cory is the first professional coach I’ve worked with. He is empathetic, kind, intelligent and strategic. He has helped me improve my work-life balance, explore new communication techniques, practice compassionate leadership, and given me invaluable advice on managing my career. I leave each session feeling heard, appreciated, and motivated to continue my journey. ...He also happens to be really funny and easy to talk to :) I highly recommend Cory.

- Erica Rios, Director Product Management, Brit+Co

I unequivocally recommend Cory as a career coach. Over the past year, Cory has been an invaluable resource for my professional development. He has an unparalleled aptitude for listening, empathy, and synthesis. Consequently, during coaching sessions, he’s extremely flexible and open to discussing any topic on your mind, but always manages to steer the conversation in a productive way such that you leave the session with concrete and actionable takeaways. As a result of working with Cory, I’ve been able to articulate more clearly than ever before my strengths and leadership style, empowering me to scale myself as an individual. I could not endorse anyone more enthusiastically.

- Zeya Yang, Product Manager, Dropbox

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San Francisco, California, US


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