Cathy Rashidian

Transition Coach, Life Coach, Leadership Development Coach


Cathy Rashidian is a Certified Transformation Coach - supporting entrepreneurs and business professionals who have been diagnosed with ADHD. Cathy works collaboratively with her clients to move past the ADHD diagnosis and develops sustainable personalized action plans that help them thrive in the workplace and at home. In addition to providing one-on-one coaching, she also offers workshops and seminars for business leaders. Recognizing the benefits of effectively managing employees with Adult ADHD, Cathy provides progressive organizations and their leaders with some of the most effective strategies for managing individuals with ADHD. These informative and useful sessions enable organizations and leaders to create supportive, non-judgmental workplaces and ultimately increase productivity, while also improving employee engagement and retention. After being diagnosed with ADHD in her 40's, Cathy decided to leave behind her successful corporate career to pursue learning about ADHD and empowering herself and others to live a fulfilled life, as opposed to a life defined by the label. Through her diagnosis and studies, she has achieved greater success in all aspects of her life.

How I can help

She draws upon her extensive and successful corporate career of twenty years and her own experience with ADHD to equip her clients with tools and strategies for success. She firmly believes that it is not about the label but how we choose to see the world and ourself in it. "I help you transition successfully from your diagnosis of "Adult with ADHD," and embrace the next chapter of your life aligned logically, emotionally, and intuitively, so you can tap into your inner strength no matter what


Cathy coached me during a time when I felt like things were out of control. I was a mom of two kids under 5, a busy job and feeling stress in every aspect of my life. She made me feel calm and made me believed that the chaos in my life could be tamed.


Cathy is empathic, a great listener, and her no-nonsense yet compassionate style creates a supportive environment for positive change.


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