Carrie Weaver

Executive Coach, Leadership Development Coach, Career Coach


Silver Branch Consulting, LLC is a boutique leadership development and executive coaching firm in the greater New York City area. Carrie Weaver is the Founder & CEO poised to aid individuals and organizations with their comprehensive people needs. With her clients, Carrie uses her competitive difference – a highly empathetic approach paired with a strong analytical skillset. Carrie’s guiding developmental principal is that action follows thought. Carrie builds the self awareness of her clients which gives way to positive behavioral change and results in the clients’ personal and professional goal attainment. Carrie uses analytical tools such as assessments and 360’s to aid the client’s discovery and development. ABOUT CARRIE: Carrie started her career journey as a Geologist working for the United States Geological Survey and after studying meteorites in her Masters program, made a career shift into the Human Resources profession, after answering a higher calling to help people unlock their full potential. Carrie has fourteen years of corporate HR excellence in a range of corporate environments. She is experienced working with corporate executives and began working as an Executive Coach in 2014. As a coach, Carrie “shows up” as: authentic, curious, professional, compassionate, open and trusting. Carrie is a Certified Professional Coach, Certified Human Resources Professional, Certified Myers-Briggs Practitioner, Energy Leadership Master Practitioner and Certified Hogan Practitioner.

How I can help

Carrie's coaching process emphasizes a 3-step process. 1. Discovery: the process of uncovering "the who" and "the why" we show up the way we do. 2. Develop: Establishing goals and unlocking the human potential 3. Deliver: Goal attainment comes after focused and deliberate action

Who I work with

Individuals (both inside and outside organizations) looking to "go big".

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