Carolyn Parse Rizzo

Transition Coach, Wellness Coach, Health Coach


Carolyn is a Certified Child Life Specialist, psychosocial educator, and Core Energy Coach who is also an expat ("love pat"), vocalist, parent, and hill-walker. Her private practice, Interval Coaching℠ came into being after more than 20 years of working with children, adolescents, educators, and families in healthcare, schools, military community services, non-profit agencies, as well the expressive arts. Carolyn has lived outside her home passport country for 13 years with a hospital physician.  This, in addition to her professional experience, has given her a unique perspective and understanding of the challenges people face when managing a health condition or requiring healthcare while living or traveling abroad.  

How I can help

I help clients shift perspectives on well-being, disease, healing, and treatment, gain clarity and focus, prepare and empower themselves, maintain and strengthen habits that support personal health and vitality, embrace the possible, build a legacy that represents their highest and best selves, and find peace in not knowing. Working together supports clients in feeling more energized, courageous, connected and creative. No regrets.

Who I work with

Internationals/expats facing health conditions abroad, long-distance caregiving, or future caregivers


"Your support really helped augment my quest toward a better quality and healthier life style! You listened, kept me focused, and brought me back to my goals each time, helping me move forward. That listening and keeping me goal-focused has made a big difference in that I am much more aware of the options available and able to make better decisions on my own behalf....You helped propel me into the 21st century!"

- Jodi

Carolyn is very creative and "heart-oriented" in her work. This allows me to gain new perspectives on the topics we're working together on. Carolyn is a synergy of music, vitality-related work, and an innovative mom...who never stops learning. This blend brings a very special flavor to her coaching work. Our sessions always help me to feel inspired, gain clarity and be ready to make steps toward the goal. If I look back, whatever I planned to achieve with Carolyn, happened.

- Olga

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