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I Learned There Is an Energetic Consequence To Our Thoughts and Feelings Before I met Caroline, I knew very little about Energy Leadership. Conceptually, the idea made sense to me that we are all made of energy and that there is some energy transference based on how we think and feel. The Energy Leadership Index (ELI) assessment results definitely enhanced my self-awareness of how energy lives within me and manifests in how I view and react to the world. I learned that there is an energetic consequence to my thoughts and feelings and that the words I use often represent how I think or feel about actions, things or people. I truly enjoyed working with Caroline. She empowers you from Day One; it is a beautiful feeling and really sets the tone in the relationship. She operates with integrity and honesty: she means what she says and she says what she means. She is precise in her ability to understand, synthesize and recap what you think and say.

- AJ Sachdev, Self-employed business consultant with corporate experienc

Caroline Helped Me Find the Confidence I Needed I was feeling overwhelmed in my current job due to a heavy workload and long hours. When I had searched for a job in the past, the intensity of working during the day and conducting a job search in the evenings left me feeling fatigued and unmotivated. Caroline helped me find the confidence I needed to begin the job search, and we developed a plan to balance time spent on the job search with time for myself. I now feel happier and more relaxed on the drive home from work, knowing that I will spend time doing activities I love. I have also changed my attitude: while the job search takes work, it is a way to better my life. Caroline was very considerate, compassionate, and action-oriented. She has excellent communication skills and is incredibly focused. I would highly recommend Caroline to others who need help with their career goals. Much thanks to Caroline for her insight, encouragement, and follow up.

- Pietrina Probst, Rehabilitation Counselor, Center for Sight and Hearin

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