Carol Perry

Relationship Coach, Leadership Development Coach


I’m a Relationship/Leadership Coach and Professional Speaker. I have a coaching certification through iPEC and an ACC coaching credential from International Coaching Federation.

How I can help

I help clients discover the true authentic person they are so they are able to build strong, loving, positive relationships. After working with me clients will experience less conflict, enjoy more closeness and intimacy, and have confidence in who they are and knowing that they are being heard and understood. Clients gain a deeper understanding of how their unique personality influences their relationships, helping them to choose relationships that are best for them in all areas of life.

Who I work with

I work with women and couples, and individuals in the law enforcement area.


"In the beginning, I wasn’t sure what to believe. I was anxious, excited, and ultimately overwhelmed with my professional journey at my fairly new employer. I can remember “dumping” everything on the table thinking, “Ok, here is my mess……pity me……there’s no way this lady can help me, I mean this is just too much!” Week after week, I would learn something new about myself that I honestly didn’t know that I possessed. I completed an assessment that effectively shed light on my personality traits that also helped me understand my thought process and my leadership skills. I turned my trials into a true testimonial! In addition, Carol assisted me with identifying, navigating, and removing barriers that prevented me from being successful. She showed me that it was ok to celebrate my success! I would highly recommend Carol to promote success to anyone she encounters! Her professionalism and her “tell it like it is” constructive encouragement helped me to never be afraid to ask for things that I need to become more successful. Thank you so much, Carol!"

- A. Ragstar

"Covenant Relationship Coaching with Carol has been a nourishing, exhilarating and extremely rich experience. I came expecting one thing and got something totally different and way more awesome. I have never been part of something that challenges you to allow your true self to emerge and to take center stage instead of hiding behind a self-created imposter of yourself. Carol gently but very persistently gets you to be honest and transparent. She is not fooled or impressed with who you are trying to be. Carol cares about who you are authentically. I witnessed first-hand how God was so faithful to meet us right where we were each session. So much of what happened during my sessions felt like a face-to-face encounter with the Holy Spirit about me. Day 1 I came hopeless, defeated and utterly powerless. Months later I emerge empowered, hungry for life and full of promise. This isn't a 12 step experience, it's the beginning of the rest of your life as your whole self. The person God knitted you to be when He purposed you to and for this world.

- L. Dionyssopoulos