Brian Reinthaler

Career Coach, Leadership Development Coach, Life Coach


I a husband and a father of two girls, a career transition coach, a decreasingly rabid sports fan and a poker player (not always in this order). I believe that, when in doubt, going against the grain of popular opinion and trusting your own intuition is a reliable approach to finding career fulfillment. The key is learning to identify and listen to that intuition amidst the white noise and distractions of our fast-paced, modern world.

How I can help

Through in-depth conversations and assessments, I guide my clients to identify what they most want and develop clear, actionable plans to do work they love on terms they choose. My clients have successfully tackled everything from lateral job searches (including resume building and interview preparation) and business development to more fundamental career changes and excelling professionally amidst family and personal transitions.

Who I work with

Attorneys (all levels) and other professionals with legal backgrounds


Brian helped me figure out how to believe in myself and put my best foot forward. I had waited nearly 10 years for the timing to be right to apply for this job, and so the stakes could not have been higher. I firmly believe that I got the job because of both that last conversation and our meetings throughout the years.

- Frank C., Attorney (New York, NY)

Brian is different from other coaches I’ve worked with. His approach is not ‘one size fits all.’ Our conversations are about me. He relates the discussion to my goals and my experiences. He tailors his questions to what I need to be answering, and, more important, asks follow-up questions based on both what I say and what he intuits may have gone unspoken. I find his approach far more valuable than the rigidly structured programs I’ve experienced elsewhere.

- Trey Roberts, Partner, Faegre Baker Daniels LLP (Minneapolis, MN)

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