Brenda Nelson

Life Coach, Personal Coach, Spiritual Coach


My name is Brenda Lee Nelson. I am a holistic life coach for women. I help women to discover their authentic self, move toward their goals with intention, and to live with meaning & purpose.

How I can help

I will partner with you to create your beautiful authentic life. Together we will explore what is going right and what can be improved. I will help you figure out who you really are at your deepest core, without the beliefs and expectations of others. I will will help you to define your goals, uncover your dreams and create action plans in order to create the life you are meant to live.

Who I work with

Women of all ages


Brenda brings a magical coaching blend of being direct and challenging beliefs while at the same time holding a compassionate, supportive and loving space. She’s not afraid to ask the hard questions, but manages to do it in a way that invites me to dive deeper into my psyche, safely. I can feel how authentically invested she is in helping me to move toward the place I’d like to be. She cares, truly.

- Leah Boelman

Brenda creates a space that is warm and welcoming, embracing the feeling that this session was most important. As we sat “together” by phone I knew I could share openly, honestly, and authentically. Brenda brings humor, as well as honesty, as she asked questions about life. Often we would enjoy a smile or a laugh together, even as we mined the deeper depths for self discovery. I always looked forward to and was deeply blessed by the time Brenda and I spent together.

- Deb Rensink

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Minneapolis, Minnesota, US

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