Bob Ricchetti

Life Coach, Leadership Development Coach, Relationship Coach


Bob has spent over 20 years working with individuals and business leaders to empower them to take back their own lives and live a life of  authenticity.  Working with his clients, Bob helps them refocus and change their energetic profile in order to live a life of true happiness. Men are Bob's specialty where he empowers them to take back their masculinity in order to live a life or purpose and passion! Bob has worked with hundreds of individuals to change their lives for the better. After owning four personal businesses and building over a dozen others, Bob can help leaders sort through all the fluff and get to the heart of the problem.

How I can help

Men have lost their true masculine nature, I work with them to bring it back, in a way that is authentic and powerful yet respectful and loving. Being able to speak your truth and live it every day will bring you joy and happiness and calm that you may have never experienced before. I also work with business leaders to be authentic in the workplace and to reduce stress and overwhelm that is felt through a loss of power.

Who I work with

Those wanting to empower themsemves through authentic change


"Bob is a tremendous coach. He listens intently, cares deeply, challenges me, and helps me to find insights that were hidden to me before working with him. Bob is easy to talk to, has a great sense of humor, and is genuinely interested in my growth. Through his easy style and powerful questions, he encourages me to find answers and solutions to things that have held me back or limited me for a very long time. Working with Bob has been a watershed experience for me – I am a better man and a more capable person as a result of our time together."

- Michael V.

"It was awesome to work with Bob. His focused, empowering style helped me to move past my fears and helped me step into my potential."

- Gayle E.

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