Bernice Donato

Transition Coach, Relationship Coach, Leadership Development Coach


I am a Certified Professional Coach with a specialty in relationships, primarily the one we have with ourselves.  It's the most important one we'll ever have. It's also the one most of us is stepping over.

How I can help

I am a Certified Professional Coach, a writer, a blogger and a speaker and I hold a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from New Jersey City University. I left corporate America in 2004 to focus on balancing my personal and professional life, I started my own business in the field of medical billing and maintained a portfolio of select clients. I've been interested in personal development for over 2 decades studying with many great leaders in the industry like Tony Robbins and Deepak Chopra. My calling to the field of life coaching came in 2012 after a series of personal challenges and setbacks. My own experiences unleashed a strong desire to build expertise and understand family and personal relationships and their dynamics. I devoted the next several years of my life to conducting in-depth research on relationships and how the experiences we have shape our thoughts and ultimately influence the choices we make both personally and professionally. During this monumental transition in my life, I discovered that I was stepping over the most important relationship of all...the one I had with myself. It was the foundation to how I was living, loving and leading in my life. The benefits to working with me is that I am a skilled transition coach. I can help you to uncover whatever it is you want from the next phase of your life, create a plan and help you reach things you only dreamed of!!!

Who I work with

I work with women to discover, embrace and unleash their best selves.


Bernice skillfully tapped into my own abilities, building in me, layer by layer, the confidence to dig my heels in and live my life with joy. She taught me to slow down with tangible strategies, palatable and effective even for someone with a very objective/scientific orientation to the world. She could “read” how to best reach me and she met me where I was. Her particular brand of treatment modalities helped empower me to face the challenges upon me and ultimately work towards the best version of myself. This has changed the trajectory of my life.

- Dana Strauss

Bernice masters a perfect blend of strength and tenderness that is rare and special. She radiates warmth and light while being honest and making no apologies for who she is. When I first met her, I was immediately drawn to her for her natural ability to command a room while still making sure no one was unheard. I believe all of these traits prove her to be a versatile, skilled, and genuine coach that anyone would be lucky to have.

- Martha Redfield

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