Beata Souders

Family Coach, Relationship Coach, Teen/Youth Coach


I am a positive psychology practitioner fascinated by the nature of thriving relationships and the science of optimal human experience. Currently researching and facilitating workshops on the neuroscience of "flow" and the dynamics of flourishing families. MSPP, ACC, Gottman Educator, Coach and Founder at Michelangelo Phenomenon, contributor to THRIVE Global, success coach and instructor at Rutgers and a TA for UC at Berkley’s Science of Happiness, member of ICF, IPPA and APPC.

How I can help

My services are based on the ideal of Michelangelo effect which causes individuals to develop toward what they themselves consider as their "ideal selves." My clients experience the power of self-discovery in the flow of true engagement and self-awareness. We cultivate deliberate attention and acceptance and move toward insight and self-efficacy. We practice self-regulation, attention control, resilience, autonomous goal setting and relationship skills. My clients build their psychological resources with Appreciative Inquiry, learn effective behavioral choices through ACT, and access creativity and intuition through neuroscience of flow.

Who I work with

My clients believe they need other people to be fully human


“Beata!! What a beautiful experience to be coached by a woman so skillful and sensitive....she helped me uncover things I did not realize about myself! She guided me to honor my true self in all that I am in my work, my relationships, and my life!”

- - Mary Anne O'Connell, Elementary Principal

“I think you're also humble and self-aware. Your intellect, depth, warmth, everything about you. You make me think and see things in way I never have: work, my relationships, and my life! ”

- Senior Executive