Audrey Holst

Wellness Coach, Life Coach, Spiritual Coach


When people are stressed, they feel like it's something they're doing wrong which makes them even more stressed out. Audrey gets it. As a former stress addict, she now helps busy people with no time that want to do good things in the world get rid of overwhelm and anxiety and worry. She is a Certified Professional Coach and Certified Bikram Yoga instructor and blogs about things that will make you sigh with relief at

How I can help

When people jump on the phone with me they are overwhelmed, tense, frustrated, and overwhelmed. They are people with big dreams and ambitions and want to help others but are having a hard time getting out of their stress cycle. By the time we get off the phone 45 minutes later, they are feeling hopeful, more relaxed, and have a really easy plan to implement in their daily lives going forward. I love that they have no expectations of the work I do but are blown away by the results!

Who I work with

Anyone whose anxiety, worry, and overwhelm is running their life.

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Waltham, MA, Massachusetts, US

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