Ascanio Pignatelli

Corporate Coach, Management Coach, Executive Coach


Ascanio is a certified professional coach and in-demand speaker who's highly engaging workshops and presentations help executives raise their level of awareness to lead more effectively. Ascanio helps Fortune 1000 companies that are undergoing massive change boost their productivity and employee engagement levels by sharing a new management paradigm rooted in Energy Leadership.

How I can help

• Improve your ability to lead, influence and inspire others • Feel more energized, empowered and fulfilled with your work and life • Uncover which of the 4 blocks are limiting your potential • Raise self-awareness and improve emotional Intelligence • See what's creating your catabolic energy (the draining and destructive energy) • Help you discover new choices and possibilities • Improve your communication skills • Pinpoint exactly how engaged you are with your work and life

Who I work with

Fortune 1000 corporations


I know Ascanio from rock climbing, but when I was feeling stuck in my professional life, he’s the first person I turned to for help. He’s excellent at getting you to focus and identify the specific beliefs or thought patterns that might be holding you back. He asks tough questions that force you to really analyze your goals and motivations. He helped me to clarify my path and see new and exciting prospects ahead of me. And he’s super energizing! I’m very grateful for his sage advice and enthusiasm, and I highly recommend him! Thank you so much, Ascanio!!

- Michelle Kemmer, CPA

Ascanio is very passionate about helping people maximize their potential. His Energy Leadership workshop really helped us to understand how to really engage our coworkers. It was a true pleasure to work with him.

- Dahlia Gayed, Managing Director Merck

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