Andrea Kao

Performance Coach, Health Coach, Corporate Coach


Andrea Kao is a fully energetic, motivating, and fun seeking certified professional coach who helps her clients achieve their true goals. Through her experiences in life, career, and professional training, Andrea has the unique ability to remove distractions, stress, and challenges to assist her clients to perform powerfully and confidently. Andrea holds a dual BS in Psychology and Criminal Justice from Rutgers University; and received her certifications in Professional Coaching, C.O.R.E Performance Dynamics, and ELI-MP from iPEC.  

How I can help

Know - Starting with WANT TO instead of need to or have to, will make achieving your goals easier. Give - Allowing yourself PERMISSION to have control over how you choose to show up, creates authenticity in how you achieve your goals. Achieve - Forget about the fear of the unknown. TRUST yourself and the process - you will achieve your goals confidently and authentically.

Who I work with

Teams, Groups, Corporations


I experienced Andrea’s transformative leadership style first-hand on a regional  initiative where she garnered support from various levels of the organization, top to bottom. Her ability to team lead powerfully is generated by getting players clear on their goals, identifying steps they’re willing to take, and leading the conversation to determine the next action steps towards their desired results. Impressed on her handling this initiative, I then hired her to take my career and wellness journey to the next level. One of the major distinctions I experienced through her coaching was the interconnectedness of the important areas of my life. The breakthroughs I’ve experienced with Andrea as a coach and mentor have been priceless. Especially in feeling a complete trust in being able to be totally open and transparent with what I share, judgement-free. And I've asked Andrea to be part of my Mastermind Team for life.

- Jay Jacobs, Final 4 Contestant, Biggest Loser Season 11

Working with Andrea is one of the most Epic game changers of all time.  She is able to feel and hear what is going on so deep under the surface and find the very things that once they are brought to the light you will forever and sustainably be altered into a higher state of consciousness.  I am truly in awe of her gift, she in an invaluable resource, and on top of it all she is a ball of love, light, laughter, joy, and so much FUN!  I am humbled and honored to have the privilege of working with her!

- Morgan Field, CEO at Epic Sexy You and Amazon #1 Best Selling Author

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